Post-Doc Job opportunity - Genome databases

A post-doctoral position is open for bioinformaticians, computational biologists, biologists with significant “omics” and programming experience or individuals with similar training. The position is to work at the Fiocruz-Minas in Belo Horizonte within the Genomics and Computational Biology group. The selected individual will work with Drs. Jessica Kissinger (University of Georgia) and Guilherme Oliveira (Fiocruz) as an integrated member of the EuPathDB team ( that develops and maintains an NIH-funded Bioinformatics Resource Center for eukaryotic Pathogens. The exact job description will depend on the individual skill set, but may include genome and other “omit” data uploading, user interface development or analysis pipeline development. The salary is of R$ 4,100 per month (~1710 USD), tax exempt. The fellowship is for 12 months with annual extension for up to 36 months.

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